Ep 013: Practice Takes Presence: Being Connected To Your Present Self When Building Skills

“To get better every day through great foot control!” Listen in to this episode to get the genius of this perspective. Experts say 10,000 hours of doing something builds mastery and creates the opportunity for “one-ness” with your passions. Presence is critical to making practice that much better and more purposeful. Practice is also about having a vision of where you want to go with that special something. It brings order. When you practice, be associated, be present. Let’s get those headphones off and find out what it means to really be in it with yourself when practicing the things so important to you!

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  1. Deb on August 2, 2018 at 12:40 pm

    I enjoyed this podcast because it took me back to when I was a member of a marathon training team. We trained in all sorts of weather and traveled around the United States running marathons. Sometimes I think I looked like Kevin Costner in Tin Cup with all the different things hanging off my body or applied to my body to try to keep it together. I remember this one member I used to call the Naked Runner. He would show up in shorts and sunglasses and running shoes and nothing else. In reality he was an Essential Runner and that is how I’m trying to live my life today, The past is gone and the future is yet to be all I have is the present. Keep up the good work!

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