#grateful Expectations


55 mins 05 secs later, I crossed the finish line.  Yep, that’s the result of my latest race (10K) and first official one as a resident of the Tampa Bay area.  Now, let’s review the journey that gets me there.

This one is about being #grateful!   What a year it’s been and here’s what I’m #grateful about:

Being closer to my family: physically, emotionally, spiritually.  Every. Day.
Living in paradise.  Every. Day.
Working in a “Boss-Free” environment.  Every. Day.
Being connected to my clients: corporate and individual. Every. Day.
Doing what I want, when I want, with whom I want.  Every. Day.
Finding my true calling as a #coach. Every. Day.
Life+Work Balance. Every. Day.

When I crossed this finish line it was a culmination of good decisions, conscientious mentors, coaches and friends, a great spouse and a little bit of luck. I crossed this finish line faster than I (we!) had trained and planned for by three years, and it feels great!  There are many conversations with clients where I challenge them to be co (being) – active (doing).  I’m grateful that I’ve been able to learn about this most important perspective of living and am able to practice it “in-house,” honoring its tenants, my life and the lives of my clients. Makes it all much more authentic. And that’s the ultimate in being #grateful.  

We are constantly being reminded about #gratitude as a perspective.  Embrace #gratitude! Be more #grateful! I could rattle off ways for you to practice being more #grateful and embracing #gratitude.  Frankly, you just have to be intentional with it and do it yourself, on your own, in your own way. (Of course, getting a coach to walk you through it isn’t a bad idea either!)

When I finished this race, I was super surprised at the result. I hadn’t been running all that well over the summer. I’d been battling a sore knee, acclimating to a hotter climate, organizing a somewhat disorganized life in transition, and truly being busier in my practice.  So, initially I was motivated to … write about the race, being alive in the race, being around others in the race, in the moment, in this place and in this time.

And that doesn’t really connect to the bigger story here.  That nine months, six days, 55 minutes and 5 seconds later, I am #grateful for crossing my latest finish line.

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