Time Really Is Money

time really is money

Probably the most pedestrian of ideas and yet, it struck gold for me this morning. I’d been forced, cajoled, drafted, pulled, prodded and just plain obligated to get up early as my wife of 25 years was catching a plane to visit family. Feed the dog and cat, water the dog, start some laundry, unload the dishwasher, put away folded laundry, and make the bed! (I cannot stand getting into an unmade bed, and it’s an easy task to complete at the beginning of any day. A sense of accomplishment.)

What I realized was that this day — while one I had experienced before — seemed different. Purposeful. I didn’t turn on the radio and listen to talk radio. No interference from too much of the outside world. I did read a few news sites, looking for insights and in hindsight; well, that was a bit of a waste.

I started to scan from my social media threads looking for gems from my network of LinkedIn and Twitter pals. And it was a moment to savor. There really are some creative people out there and they are doing a lot of the work for me. Sifting through mounds of content for things that interest them. Our interests are similar if not the same so the chances of reading something worthwhile are pretty good. I was not disappointed. It is always great to see inside the minds of others and what they connect to; what is important enough for them to tell the world — or their small piece of it — about that person or thing. I actually learned stuff. Jackpot.

Time is a commodity that you never can replace. Heard that one before? It’s not sustainable. Grim maybe, and also definite. We know the general time allotment of this game and can chose any strategy we want to play. What a sense of freedom that is, and at times fearful.

I meet with many clients who are always doing, doing, doing, and leaving behind moments of being, being, being. What a miss. What I really enjoyed about this particular morning is that while I was noticing what I was all about, I was also connecting to those important to me and what they are all about. It was a really cool moment.

A longtime friend and colleague is a big fan of Charles Hummel who reminds us that there is a battle going on for our time. “The sovereignty of the important vs. The tyranny of the urgent.” Well, I’ve discovered an important moment for me. One I would like to protect and more importantly recreate every day. It feels good to feel like this today. What will you discover exciting about yourself today and when you do, what will you do to protect its value and recreate it? To honor it as a gift in your present life? What would it feel like to feel like this every day? Only time will tell.


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