What's Here Now, Kid? Podcast

What's Here Now, Kid? Podcast

Hosted by Joe Schum, ACC, CPCC, CC-IQC and Kathryn Sabol, ACC, CPCC

Because often, the only thing standing between you and your dreams is you. W.C. Fields once said “Never work with animals or children.” It was one of his most famous quotes and yet he secretly admired at least one of them: children. Their candor and perspectives are the inspiration for this podcast co-hosted by certified coaches Kathryn Sabol, CPCC (kathrynsabol.com) and Joe Schum, CPCC (soulpatchhippo.com). “After opening a conversation with my five-year-old and asking him to set daily intentions with me, it became clear that, as adults, we make life way too complicated,” recalls Kathryn. Her son’s comment also sparked the idea of exploring life through the eyes of a child by asking “What’s Here Now, Kid?”. Their answers are often funny and bizarre while other times quite meaningful and deep. We then take these answers, whatever they are, and cull through them to find the nugget of truth we need to reconnect to a simple life of abundance, success and love. Join us on this journey. Listen to what kids say about life. Be inspired. Make a choice that moves you forward today.

Ep 001: What’s Your Intention?

February 6, 2018 |

In our first episode, we are excited to introduce our concept of bringing adults back to the simplicity of life from the voice of a child via a conversation about everyday life, intention setting and coaching.

What would it be like if were more intentional about your life? What simple truths have you forgotten? What does it take to make your daily present self wonderful? We, as human beings, either live in a past that is no longer ours or spend time trying to predict a future that may or may not ever happen. Let’s change the way we play the game.

Simplicity is the key to this. Reconnect with yourself, your day, your minute and don’t make things so damn complex. Look for the opportunity to interact, to join us and get busy with being creative and connecting to what you want for yourself.

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