Close-up of hippo or Hippopotamus amphibius is resting in the water during the day

I challenge salespeople to become sales professionals. I guide managers to become leaders.

~ Joe Schum, PCC, CPCC, CC-IQC, ACE

Joe Schum coaching

I challenge salespeople to become sales professionals. I guide managers to become leaders.

~ Joe Schum, PCC, CPCC, CC-IQC, ACE

Be Big.

The Hippo is the badass of the jungle. Yet, most of it's power is hidden, submerged in the waters they hold close, the territory they protect. They use the water to help carry their weight, their power. Tap into that power. Your weight is your strength.

Be Cool.

What's cooler than the Hippo? They're so cool, confident, they don't swim. They walk along the bottom. Why? Because they can! For the Hippo it's not necessarily about the destination, but the journey. Sure, you have goals and when was the last time you noticed the journey on the way to that goal?

Be Hippo.

What do you want for the next version of you? The Hippo does come up for air, looks around, and moves to land too. The Hippo changes its perspective to realize new energy, untapped power, new views for it's next Big Move.

Private 1:1 Coaching

Coaching holds a flashlight on what it is that is keeping us stuck in the same place, helps us identify that energy and then holds us accountable so that we move forward and begin to make things happen for ourselves by being and doing. Invest in yourself so you can move forward the next version of who and what you want to be and do. 

Corporate / Team Coaching

People, process and technology. The three elements that support any client facing engagement.  Soul Patch Hippo focuses on the first and most important element: people. Specifically - conversation, communication and connection.  When you, as a leader, engage with me, we co-create a new client facing perspective that establishes a culture of #trust with your clients and prospects. Together we focus on what they want for themselves and their clients. Ideas resonate, Long lasting relationships are created,  and success is achieved.


The GTO was a game-changer. Its shift was bringing race technology and high-performance to the masses.  The advent of the muscle car was power realized. It’s a symbol for cool and the power that lies beneath.  

What shift, game-changer are you ready to make for yourself? Are you the quiet family automobile, or is there a muscle car within you impatiently wanting to hit the gas?  

Joe Schum, Success Coach

Be big. Be cool. Be hippo.

Ready to get started?

hippo surfacing