What's Here Now, Kid? Podcast

What's Here Now, Kid? Podcast

Hosted by Joe Schum, ACC, CPCC, CC-IQC and Kathryn Sabol, ACC, CPCC

Because often, the only thing standing between you and your dreams is you. W.C. Fields once said “Never work with animals or children.” It was one of his most famous quotes and yet he secretly admired at least one of them: children. Their candor and perspectives are the inspiration for this podcast co-hosted by certified coaches Kathryn Sabol, CPCC (kathrynsabol.com) and Joe Schum, CPCC (soulpatchhippo.com). “After opening a conversation with my five-year-old and asking him to set daily intentions with me, it became clear that, as adults, we make life way too complicated,” recalls Kathryn. Her son’s comment also sparked the idea of exploring life through the eyes of a child by asking “What’s Here Now, Kid?”. Their answers are often funny and bizarre while other times quite meaningful and deep. We then take these answers, whatever they are, and cull through them to find the nugget of truth we need to reconnect to a simple life of abundance, success and love. Join us on this journey. Listen to what kids say about life. Be inspired. Make a choice that moves you forward today.

What’s Here Now, Kid 2018 Season Wrap and Highlights Reel

December 12, 2018 |

“Ready?!”, “Yup!!”

And here it is, the highlights reel from 20 wonderful episodes has arrived just in time for the holidays!  What can we say, except thanks to all of you are listeners, subscribers, for your time, energy, consideration and of course, testimonials and just giving us direct feedback.  We appreciate you immensely. And most important, to our awesome What’s Here Now, Kids. We had a hunch they would show up and they did, giving us more material than we could hope for in 15 minutes or less.  We wish them a wonderful and fulfilled life and one that can be with as few filters as possible. We’ve got some bloopers and announcements for you near the end of this reel, please stick around and check them out. They are pretty cute. And, until next year, stay curious and present, and ask yourself from time to time: “What’s here now?”

Highlights guide:

From Episode 5:

@1:38 Bit about Kathryn creating a journal for herself and her only goal is to bring joy and laughter into her space.

From Episode 07:

@3:15 Bit where Joe speaks about how people take great play moments and make them work, Kathryn follows up with comments around abundance.

From Episode 08:

@5:31 Bit where Joe asks kid about wanting more than she’s accomplished and finishes with Kathryn talking about the gold in front of us.

From Episode 10:

@7:03 Bit where we co-create a challenge regarding what jazzes you up?, and be with it, be in life with it.

From Episode 16:

@9:18 Bit where we discuss confidence in the workplace and with those perceived as older and wiser and how to believe in what you know.

From Episode 20:

@12:29 Bit where we begin the show and Kathryn extols the virtues of what if everything in life were just not that fucking important!

Ep 020: Increase The Amount of Play In Your Life

October 30, 2018 |

What does it mean to ‘Play”?  Does it have to be so complicated?  Life is here for us to explore! Expansion and learning are critical in moving us forward as human beings and yet we either ignore these opportunities for a shift or at minimum we only explore on the weekends!  WTH?

We can move through challenging situations by asking the question “What if..?”, helping us visualize what the future can be as we come out the other side in a positive way, a successful way, no matter what.  Learn some simple little challenges and perspectives to find more ways to play, not just on the weekends, not just on vacation, and to rebalance our weekly lives with ways to play together on some of the more mundane activities we have set up through habit.

Ep 019: Finding Your Hidden Talents And Connecting To Them

October 16, 2018 |

What happened if I woke up every morning and said I was going to be the greatest expression of me today?

Exploring talent can most often happen by the simple acts of trying new things.  Breaking up our patterns of comfort and familiarity — stretching ourselves — to areas that open us to our level of genius.  What a great gift to actually find the hidden talents within us and more importantly, how that gift’s benefits can extend beyond us to those around us.  These new talents become new and great expressions of ourselves! In this episode, an awareness is available to you on embracing these new things, new opportunities, with a different approach than how others have designed them in the past.

Ep 018: Our Awareness w/ Technology: Staying Present and Making Good Choices

October 3, 2018 |

Technology is something that we all discuss from time to time. How much of it has become a habit? And how much of it is really conscious choice? And when we are dialed into our devices we tend to lose an awareness of presence, what’s happening around us in anticipation of wanting be included in something or someone somewhere else. What are we giving up to be “elsewhere”?

There is opportunity to make good choices around presence and the awareness of devices in our daily lives. It takes practice to maintain that present state with all that is available to us. To bring the unconscious into the conscious. We have diverging thoughts in this episode too so it’s an interesting listen to see us head in different directions.

Ep 017: You’ve Only Just Begun: Feeling Overwhelmed? There Really Are Simple Fixes For It.

September 18, 2018 |

This one begins with what really inspired us to start this podcast: that we take the wisdom of children and apply it to our overly complicated lives. Life can and should be lived one step at a time. We’ve talked about this before and we will continue to retread this tire, that the generous present moment is key to stress-free living. And hey, there’s an idea in here that you don’t have to necessarily plan for everything to live life to its fullest.

Ep 016: Be Confident In Who You Are And What You Know

September 5, 2018 |

From metaphysical to pragmatic, this episode is about what we know and how we believe in ourselves. Crazy, unfiltered ideas lead to usable perspectives for all of us.

Ep 015: Who You Are v. What You Do: Changing Your Focus From Outcomes To Moments In Time

August 21, 2018 |

As adults, how attached are we to the outcome instead of the task, the being and/or doing at hand? Must everything we do be BIG? And important? And life changing? In this episode we explore the perspective of what you do and who you are and how they can be just that. And that is not just ok, it’s wonderful because we generate these moments and they don’t need to be anything else to be great for us.

Ep 014: What Makes Life Amazing? Relationships and Experiences Are What Defines Us

August 8, 2018 |

Life is amazing…because of all the friendly people! So says our kid guest. It’s not about all of the stuff we’ve acquired, its more about the relationships and experiences that we’ve created for ourselves and others. Where are the rich moments? Where do they exist within our individual timelines? And, what about the idea of clearing out the stuff that doesn’t represent these experiences and relationships? Tangible and intangible items ready for “resale and donation” to others. Think through that one when you tune into this episode.

Ep 013: Practice Takes Presence: Being Connected To Your Present Self When Building Skills

July 24, 2018 |

“To get better every day through great foot control!” Listen in to this episode to get the genius of this perspective. Experts say 10,000 hours of doing something builds mastery and creates the opportunity for “one-ness” with your passions. Presence is critical to making practice that much better and more purposeful. Practice is also about having a vision of where you want to go with that special something. It brings order. When you practice, be associated, be present. Let’s get those headphones off and find out what it means to really be in it with yourself when practicing the things so important to you!

Ep 012: Make A Change Right Now. Not Tomorrow!

July 11, 2018 |

We dream about something different for ourselves and still trudge along with the same old song and dance day in and day out. The opportunity to do the next thing is available to us right now, and the risk lies only in getting out there and saying ‘Yes!’ to it. And guess what? Your next thing doesn’t have to be a moonshot! And it can be just as wonderful as one! Check out the challenge on this one too. We dare you to be different.

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