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What makes coaching so important?  

As a leader, a decision maker for your team, you hold in your hands their direction, behavior, goals and future. Your challenge is to step forward and help them see themselves for who they really are for the organization and ultimately for them.  

“Everybody Needs A Coach.”
Bill Gates; founder of Microsoft & Eric Schmidt; CEO of Google

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How do you begin?

It’s starts with the Leaders. Concepts and content to help a team, in total, and as individuals, requires strong and accepting leadership first. The foundations that I practice at the 1:1 level are strongly present in my engagements at the team and corporate level. The Co-Active strategy is THE most powerful way to communicate change from within.

As a certified coach in Co-Active Coaching (CPCC) and also in Conversational Intelligence (CC-CIQ), I have spent many hours in both the academic learning and the practical doing of enhancing and advancing communication between team members, sellers and buyers, managers and their direct reports. It all starts with what I call the “Language of Connection.

The Language of Connection

What is it?  It starts with the premise that I am not an expert in you, your business, or anything else that you are working from day-to-day:  you are the expert in you.  Through my E3merge Coaching process, my job is to hold a flashlight for you, shine it where you are unable to see clearly, and then, and this is the critical part, HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE for the the next steps that take you forward.  

Ask yourself:

  • What’s it like when you come up the answers inside of you instead of someone else giving them to you?  
  • How hard is it to see yourself v. the way your team sees you?  The way your team sees themselves?
  • What can be different tomorrow for them?  For you?  For your organization?

The benefits are limitless when you learn how to hold transformational conversations between each other and with other organizations, clients, prospects, partnerships, and more.

E3merge coaching process

When Business Leaders are ready to accelerate transformative growth, they call Net.O.

I am also fortunate to be connected to a wonderful organization that works with sales and marketing teams specifically in a consortium of amazing and specialized coaches known for leadership, team building and strategy perspectives.  

Network Orchestrators is the vision of Marilyn Carpenter, ACC, executive sales & marketing leader, my classmate, and most importantly; my friend.  Marilyn and I have been students and analysts of the modern sales process for many years.  We are connected to it and you.  At Network Orchestrators, our vision is to create bigger and better businesses that create jobs, create wealth, and create a better everyday life for workers.  The critical business idea that supports this vision is  HumanSentric™ Learn more about this organization here.

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