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What makes coaching so important?  

You are a leader. Your challenge is to step forward and serve your team, provide for their best interests and the interests of the organization. They are clearly linked - their behavior, growth, future lies in your desire to invest in them and ultimately their success and yours!

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How do you begin?

It’s starts with the Leaders. Concepts and content to help a team, in total, and as individuals, requires strong and accepting leadership first. The foundations that I practice at the 1:1 level are strongly present in my engagements at the team and corporate level. The Co-Active strategy is THE most powerful way to communicate change from within.

As a certified coach in Co-Active Coaching (CPCC) and also in Conversational Intelligence (CC-CIQ), I have spent many hours in both the academic learning and the practical doing of enhancing and advancing communication between team members, sellers and buyers, managers and their direct reports. It all starts with what I call the “Language of Connection.

The Language of Connection

What is the Language of Connection? It’s about focusing on the person not the thing that lies between them. All too often we connect with others with our agenda in mind, what we want from an exchange. When we shift our perspective to focus on another’s agenda first we create the opportunity for a truly co-creative exchange. One that exhibits high trust and a state of “We”. That’s when powerful results occur. Creativity sets in, relationships are built for life.

Ask yourself:

  • What’s it like when you come up the answers inside of you instead of someone else giving them to you?  
  • How hard is it to see yourself v. the way your team sees you?  The way your team sees themselves?
  • What can be different tomorrow for them?  For you?  For your organization?

The benefits are limitless when you learn how to hold transformational conversations between each other and with other organizations, clients, prospects, partnerships, and more.

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