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Soul Patch Hippo:Success Coaching was founded by me; Joe Schum, PCC, CPCC, CC-IQC, ACE.  A lifelong learner of all things cool and pragmatic.  Strengthsfinder defines a Learner as someone who has a great desire to learn and wants to continuously improve. In particular, the process of learning, rather than the outcome, excites them.

I discovered coaching as a part of a quest to shift the conversation to be more human than what is currently experienced in corporate America, specifically in the hi-tech, medical, and financial marketplaces.  The opportunity to connect with people and focus on them, not the thing between them -- is truly the only way to establish trust, find answers for yourself, and be held accountable to make the changes necessary to move forward to the next version of you.  It’s about focusing on your agenda, without judgement and with complete curiosity.

My foundations are settled in 30 years of sales and marketing efforts in the sectors of #tech, #medicaldevices and #finance.  I have also owned and operated several small entrepreneurial businesses in the real estate investment and retail service marketplaces.  I have immersed myself, made myself available in personal and professional growth programs both corporately and individually throughout my life.

“People ultimately want to connect with each other.  They create things together when they connect in a perspective of “we or us”.  We know that even with a simple text conversation, people start to mimic each other's heart rates and brain functions.  They want to connect, and they want to create things together from that connection”.  

We are only ready when we make the decision that we are ready.  Coaching holds a flashlight on what it is that is keeping us stuck in the same place, helps us identify that energy and then holds us accountable so that we move forward and begin to make things happen for ourselves by being and doing.


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