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Where you learn to change the way you connect to yourself and others in your world.

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Personal and professional growth is for the learner in us all

When we experience a time of dissatisfaction in our lives we are at a crossroads:  “Do I move forward, or, stay in place (think jogging in place because it still takes energy to not move forward!).  Like all journeys, learning kicks in and we choose resources that resonate with our present thoughts, ideas, feelings. You might be experiencing this right now, and that perspective brought you here...

We created The Hippo Campus for you, the shifting and growing individual. Through my video series; Hippodrome TV, my blogs (writing is still where my heart lies strongest) and podcasts, connect in to triangulate information and see what resonates with you and what you want for yourself.  

There are a lot of ways to get information today, convert it into knowledge and create a destiny to take us forward.  The Hippo Campus is your personal growth GPS, ready to take you forward. I can’t promise you change, that’s for you to decide. I can promise that what lies ahead is thought provoking.

Wherever you are on your journey, self-actualization, personal and professional growth is for the learner in us all.

Theater for personal and professional growth

Hippodrome TV

These short videos are all about conversation, communication and connection.  As one of my mentors; the late Dr. Judith Glaser stated: “Everything begins with conversation!”  Conversation is just one form of connection with another person or idea. Through these videos, I’m here to serve your desire to want more for yourself even in just the smallest of bites.

Episode 26: No Rush!

A fave response from Sales Bizarro World. Why, oh why, do we continue to utter this phrase when it’s the…

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If you have a desire for growth then click in and enjoy each episode for that opportunity and learn:

  • how small shifts in the language we use can invite others into ideas and perspectives instead of forcing them to be skeptical or just plain resist.
  • The role that our brain plays in everything we do: we know it as neuroscience.
  • Awarenesses and challenges on shifts in our behavior - creating new habits.
  • That life comes before work in the dictionary and we should be practicing it in that same order.
  • To “be” and not just “do” to move yourself forward.

Episode 26: No Rush!

A fave response from Sales Bizarro World. Why, oh why, do we continue to utter this phrase when it’s the…

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Episode 25: The Learning Zone

Just when you think it’s over, learning becomes not only imperative to your success, it’s on you to embrace it….

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Episode 24: Monday is MoneyDay!

Here’s your chance to surpass your peers and competitors while enhancing your professional brand…it starts with enthusiasm for Monday.

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Free Resources

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The Nine

Recommendations for books and other resources in nine areas:
mindset, habits, values, upper limits, judgment, selfishness, language, presence and confidence.

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