What’s Here Now, Kid 2018 Season Wrap and Highlights Reel

“Ready?!”, “Yup!!”

And here it is, the highlights reel from 20 wonderful episodes has arrived just in time for the holidays!  What can we say, except thanks to all of you are listeners, subscribers, for your time, energy, consideration and of course, testimonials and just giving us direct feedback.  We appreciate you immensely. And most important, to our awesome What’s Here Now, Kids. We had a hunch they would show up and they did, giving us more material than we could hope for in 15 minutes or less.  We wish them a wonderful and fulfilled life and one that can be with as few filters as possible. We’ve got some bloopers and announcements for you near the end of this reel, please stick around and check them out. They are pretty cute. And, until next year, stay curious and present, and ask yourself from time to time: “What’s here now?”

Highlights guide:

From Episode 5:

@1:38 Bit about Kathryn creating a journal for herself and her only goal is to bring joy and laughter into her space.

From Episode 07:

@3:15 Bit where Joe speaks about how people take great play moments and make them work, Kathryn follows up with comments around abundance.

From Episode 08:

@5:31 Bit where Joe asks kid about wanting more than she’s accomplished and finishes with Kathryn talking about the gold in front of us.

From Episode 10:

@7:03 Bit where we co-create a challenge regarding what jazzes you up?, and be with it, be in life with it.

From Episode 16:

@9:18 Bit where we discuss confidence in the workplace and with those perceived as older and wiser and how to believe in what you know.

From Episode 20:

@12:29 Bit where we begin the show and Kathryn extols the virtues of what if everything in life were just not that fucking important!

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