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Episode 4: Curiosity And The Judge

There’s a lot of talk about being curious right now. “Amp up your curiosity!”, “Ask good questions, be curious!”, “If you really want to learn about the other person, just be curious!”. And a host of other variations ensue… It’s not enough to just ask questions, there’s more to the equation and this episode shows…

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Notre Dame is Burning

notre dame burning

The headline alone is enough to make your heart skip a beat.  We all saw the pictures, the videos, heard the comments, read the stories.  Even for folks like me who are no longer obsessed with news sites, it was a hard event to miss.  Notre Dame burned. The iconic symbol of the Catholic church…

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Episode 3: We And Us

Here’s a concept, phrase your questions with the pronouns “We” and “Us” when coming from a perspective of curiosity, discovery and innovation. This episode introduces you to these subtle and inclusive pronouns that send signals to our creative part of the brain.

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Episode 2: And…

One of the early learnings I was fortunate to receive as I began my formal coaching career was from my CTI instructor: Substitute ‘But’ with ‘And’. It’s simple and yet, takes a lot of practice. This episode explores the why and the how a simple shift in our language can change the way people connect…

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Episode 1: Asking More Questions

Are you asking more questions, or giving more answers? Think about that for a moment – whether you are seasoned vet or the freshly minted first timer, what’s an engagement like between you and one of your team? This episode shares a perspective that will open your conversation to some interesting opportunities in connection.

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Unf*ckology – A Field Guide To Living With Guts and Confidence


To live with guts and confidence requires confronting our Saboteur. The part of us that has really good intentions; such good intentions that it keeps us safe and warm and free of stepping out too far. It’s our inner protector. The problem with the Saboteur is that it also keeps us free from exploring and…

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On The Shortness Of Life

on the shortness of life

We are really not good at staying present. All of us! Yet we still waste time, living via a history that is no longer ours or via a future that we cannot predict! We can only control this moment. And this one, and now this one…and so on. This is not easy and takes huge…

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The Virtue of Selfishness

the virtue of selfishness

You’re asking yourself right now; “I am not a selfish person! I give and give and give!,” and you are probably right. And, as a result, you are probably causing yourself a ton in missed opportunity and growth. I frequently run across this with clients, wonderful human beings who are great givers to everyone except…

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Powered By Storytelling

powered by storytelling

This book is one of my favorites. We, as human beings, are awesome at making judgements about situations, people, places, cultures, careers, well, just about anything we can think of that will help us make a decision. Because we are so good at making judgements prior to actually knowing what’s going to happen, this can…

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